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Are you ready for financial freedom or additional income? Do you want to be able to work from home and be your own boss? Now it’s the best time to start! There are many ways to improve your income. Do you want to have retail income? Be a reseller of the best products, do you want to have a passive income? Let me coach you to success! I love to help others to become successful aswell. When you let me coach you, you will become a member of my team. You don’t have to build a company by your own. We are here to help you. That’s what makes it so beautiful!

 We all have the same dreams, the same vision, creating a lifestyle of freedom and becoming financially independent. Are you willing to work together to achieve your GOALS ? This opportunity can change your life…… don’t wait till tomorrow, start today your new chapter! 

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A little introducion…

  I’m Lia kortland, mother of two adult children and a proud grandmother of three grandchildren. As an entrepreneur I always worked internationally and had a very good relation with both, manufacturers and customers around the world. Besides raising my children, I build a very nice international company. Working hard is certainly not unknown for me. Today I may call myself an expert in Network Marketing. 

Besides being an entrepreneur I really love to coach. I like to help others to reach their goals, no matter how big or small they are. I can get tears in my eyes when someone has achieved a goal! In addition, I enjoy the great health outcomes for humans. I can make a real difference with my work. A difference in quality of life, a difference in life.

These days being healthy is even more important than before, that’s why I love to work with products in the health industry. Honesty, integrity, norms and values are important for me in all aspects of life. Not only in my private life but also in the business I like to work with these values. 


I love my job!


In 1991 I came in contact with Network Marketing. At that time a very unknown form of entrepreneurship. I love Network Marketing because it is everything in one: building a business, coaching, sales, advertisement, teaching, learning. I can use all my talents in Network Marketing. It’s a pure form of marketing. 


It is certainly not a business that I do from behind the kitchen counter,
I travel over the world with my business! That’s the great thing about Network Marketing, you can do it the way you like it. I love to travel, love to see new places and meet new people. Network marketing / direct sales gives me the possibility to do so.


If you prefer to do it only online and stay at home it’s up to you, everything is possible with network marketing / direct sales. 


I’m living in the Netherlands, but I’ve developed my business in a lot of other countries around the world.  My team is in Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia,  the UK and even in America. These days with internet you can build your business globally without travelling.


Within network marketing  there are no limits!


Nowadays I become one of the leaders in Europe. But I’m still learning every day and there are plenty of challenges yet to come. 


My biggest dream is to help as many people as possible to become  financially independent.  I will keep working for this dream with whole my heart! Are you wondering how I can help you to become a successful Network Marketer? 

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What can I do for you?

Improve your health

LivLabs offers a range of lifestyle products that everyone should add to his daily routine. 
Are you wondering what these products can do for you? I love to tell you all about it, so you get the health you deserve!

Would you like advice or buy products?

Become a distributor

 Are you dreaming about financial freedom?
Would you like to be your own boss? Would you love it to determine your own working hours? Do you want to be able to work from home? I’d love to coach you to a successful and profitable network marketer!

LivLabs offers distributors wonderful opportunities! Think of a good income, events around the world and training & courses to really to make a success of your company!

You don’t have to worry about building your company. When you are in my team, you really become a team member. You don’t have to build your company by yourself, that makes it so beautiful!

Are you ready for this incredible opportunity that can change your life?
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My experience

Since 1991 I’ve worked as a network marketer for many other great brands
and during these years I’ve coached many people to success and financial freedom.
I have been active for:

 In order to give you the best advice, I keep developing myself. During the past few years I’ve followed many training sessions on the health outcomes of hemp. I recently started the official training to become a Medical Cannabis Specialist. 

The training Cannalogie (MCS), or Medical Cannabis Specialist, was originally founded to doctors, caregivers and therapists to make proficient in medical logic and learn skills of applying phyto-cannabinoids (phyto = plant) and the operation of the Endo-endocannabinoid system (endo = body) in people and animals. 

Cannabis and the cannabinoids in plants are used in medicines for thousands of years. Every human being has a so-called endo-cannabinoids system in his body from birth. This system controls some vital functions in the body such as the central nervous system and the immune system. Strictly said you wouldn’t be alive without the endo-cannabinoids system.

The body produces cannabinoids itself  and cannabinoids are also found in certain nutrients. Unfortunately, this is so minimal that we have a lack of cannabinoids in our body. The administration of hemp products can help to regulate the endo-cannabinoids system, so it will function properly again.

Become part of the team!

I will be here to help you so you can live your dream life, become healthy or be financially independent. I’ve coached many people to success and would like to help you too!
Are you wondering what I can do for you? Are you wondering if you can be a network marketeer too?
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Network Marketing is the fastest growing industry in the world…..TRY IT, DO IT AND YOU WILL SEE AND FEEL IT….